Bridgewater Organics Recycling Is Evolving

Two years after Bridgewater launched its’ Residential Curbside Pickup of Food Waste Pilot Project alongside All American Waste and the (Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority) HRRA, the program is now transitioning the organics collection program to allow for drop off of material at the Bridgewater transfer station. All American Waste will donate the container and transportation to the local recycling/compost facility.

“I want to express my deepest gratitude to All American Waste for donating their trucks, labor and thousands of dollars to run the first curb-side organics program in the state of CT in our home town of Bridgewater,” said Jen Iannucci of the HRRA. “This program would never have happened and continued for two years without their dedication and generous sponsorship.  Thank you All American Waste for helping Bridgewater be a leader in the State.”

All American Waste would like to thank Jen for her vision and work over the past two years on this project and looks forward to continuing collaborative efforts to pursue a proactive approach to help our local environment.

The program will continue to separate organic materials from the trash that should be thought of as a resource, not a waste. The Bridgewater curbside pilot program has provided valuable data and information that has allowed two other communities to start their own drop-off program, with four other communities in the works.

Properly composted organics are beneficial because they

  • Maximize plant growth
  • Effective at preventing soil erosion
  • Aid in Stream and land reclamation
  • Reconstruction of wetlands
  • Help with storm water management and construction sites
  • Reduces the need for fertilizers & pesticides
  • Over all soil amendment to improve soil health by increasing the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil
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