Our Commitment to Employee Wellness

Our Commitment to Employee Wellness
By Mike Lauro – Human Resources

All American Waste has a deep commitment to the wellness of our employees. In addition to providing great health insurance benefits, we have a wellness committee, a safety team, and a commitment to technology that is for the benefit of each and every employee.

Our wellness committee runs programs throughout the year to teach our team about healthy living. Throughout the summer, we host healthy picnics at each of our sites teaching individuals the benefits of making the right choices when deciding what to eat. This healthy eating translated into our fall “Biggest Loser” competition. As a company, we lost 802 pounds in six weeks of competition! Our employees loved it and we will be running the program again continuing the message of healthy living.

While our wellness committee teaches us about how to live a healthier lifestyle, our safety team is committed to the wellness of employees on the job. The team analyzes any potential job hazards and what we can do to mitigate them to keep our employees in top shape. Looking at employee safety and wellness is what brings technology to our industry. While in years past you would see our workers lifting heavy trash cans and recycling bins that lead to injuries, we now use automated hydraulic systems operated by a joystick so employees can have less strain and prevent injuries.

A side-loader All American Waste truck using an automated hydraulic system to lift a residential trash bin. This system saves employees from lifting heavy trash bins that could potentially lead to an injury.

We continually strive to make our employees safer on the job and are even launching a “Safety Boot Program” where we will provide our safety sensitive employees with a Safety Boot allowance each year to help reduce the risk of injuries. Another step forward for the health and safety of our employees!

Whether it is creating programs for the health of our employees or preventing injuries with technology, All American Waste is committed to our team’s wellness.

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